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Ready for a new discovery of yourself, the church, your community and the world? You and your youth can begin the journey of experiencing mission in new ways with this curriculum created by Global Ministries.

The vision for this curriculum is to enable youth of all ages to reimagine and redefine their understanding of God’s mission. Life is full of crossroads where we must make decisions on how we will engage the world and, most especially, those who are different from us. During this quest, our hope is to challenge participants to broaden their view of their role in the church, community, and world.

Included in this curriculum is a wellspring of information and resources selected to aid you as you journey with your youth. In the four sessions, youth are asked to unpack their prejudices, both conscious and unconscious. They will also be equipped with tools to help them constantly evaluate their world and God’s mission. These tools include:

Session Purpose

This is a statement of vision and direction to help facilitators guide discussion and engagement.


Ideas and thoughts from great minds, both past and present, from Bonhoeffer to Yoda. While some of these are secular and some are religious, some are ancient and some are modern, it will important to help youth interpret them in ways that connect their faith to the world.


Passages and guiding questions chosen to discover the connection of our faith to the world. Leading questions are offered for scriptures to assist youth leaders in making the passages relevant to each session.


Various web links, activities, and discussion starters to help you initiate and enhance conversation. As you read through the curriculum, you will notice that some resources have been grouped with suggestions on how these may be used.

You will notice that the resources for each session are listed in parallel fashion. This layout is to help you view all of the available resources at a glance so you can choose which ones you would like to use, as well as the order. Depending on the session, you may want to begin with a video to introduce the topic, and then proceed to using scriptures and quotes. Alternatively, you may decide that it is best to begin with a scripture or quote and then use that to frame the discussion of other resources provided. The curriculum has been deliberately left open and flexible so that you, as the youth leader, can tailor how you use it.

The scriptures, quotes and resources provided in this curriculum are simply guides. As the youth leader, you know your youth group and their context. Not all groups will be ready to engage with all of the resources provided. We also encourage you to use relevant resources of your own.

Thank you for allowing Global Ministries to be a part of your journey!